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On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I think it’s time for reflecting and recollecting.

Saturday morning I left dreary Florida on a JetBlue jet plane to the city that never sleeps. I arrived in sunny Queens, NY with no pick arranged. So I did what all intrepid travelers do. I took the train. I came of age in Brooklyn and when I had to take the rare plane trip we went to the airport by car. But when I started traveling I would fly into say London Heathrow and get on the Underground so not ride on Saturday didn’t phase me. I hopped on the AirTrain to the subway and boy was it an adventure.

Highline Park NYC June 2012

Highline Park NYC June 2012

I am in New York for a month so I had a checked suitcase along with a carry-on, yet my mother questioned the sufficiency of my packing. Then again, when she travels she has different shoes for her outfits. Madness I tell you. On this trip back to my home city I discovered that neither chivalry or courtesy is dead. I had 3 offers to help me with my two bags up some stairs. I was too happy to let the gentlemen heft my luggage up the short flight of stairs. It warmed the cockles of my heart and shored up my faith that there are men out there who have not forgotten the lessons taught to them in their infancy and childhood. Every time I come back “home” I am always reassured of the reasons I love this great city. So much to see and do here. And the energy is awesome but I am also reminded of why this city will not be my home . The mass of people and the frenetic pace is best left to those who enjoy that special type of madness.

My short jaunt along the East coast has reminded me that I need to look at my short list of places I’d like to see  and start planning my adventures soon. But first the graduate school application that always seem to get pushed to the sidelines in favor of other tasks. Today was a lovely day and it was spent well, resting, enjoying the sunshine and not worrying about anything. Tomorrow business will be handled come hell or high water (hopefully neither to those occur).

How do you spend your down time?

Lady LittleFoot

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Thanks Star. Saturday night I got out and went to the movies with a friend. Sneaked in a crepe and cafe au lait in my hand bag. Hey I was hungry and it was better than concession stand treats :-). I slept in Sunday and visited by old church in SD via the web. Today (Monday) I submitted one application (hurray!) online. It has been a good time so far. Tomorrow I go see the unemployment people so they can stop messing with my funds!

  2. I say enjoy your visit. It’s just started raining here again after a nice sunny stretch. I’ve decided to enjoy the rain, since it’s not sunny here a whole lot you always feel like you must be doing something on the sunny day b/c you never know when it will come again. I’ve gotten over my compulsion to do so. So I’m enjoying the rain and I said that to say this. Enjoy NYC in the way that suits you best.

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