I’ve been attempting to create some sort of blogging schedule almost since the inception of this blog to no avail. But I think I have come to something close to a schedule. It is still developing but I can say it

Monday — Monday Musings or My Favorite Things
We’ll start the week either with musing on something that is on my mind or recounting a favorite thing (food, place, music, etc.)

Tuesday — Travel Tuesdays
This will be travel related and take different forms. A travel diary, recommendations for a city or photo essay of a city.

Wednesday — Where are the words (Picture Day)
One or two photos. Minimal words.

Thursday — Thankful/Totally Random
I’m still playing with the idea of a Thankful Thursday in the meantime it will be totally random entries.

Friday — Foodie Fridays
I’m amazed that it’s taken me a year to debut a foodie post but soon it will be up and running. I’ll be featuring restaurant reviews (really me gushing about somewhere with fabulous food) and my adventures in the kitchen including the working recipes.

I won’t post each and every day. I don’t have that level of dedication to reflection and writing as yet but I will post at least once a week.

If you have something you’d like me to discuss head over to the Talk to Me tab and send me a message.

Happy Reading,
Lady Littlefoot

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