Taste of Barcelona in Pictures

A few weeks ago I spent my weekend exploring the food offerings of Barcelona. Barcelona is the gateway to the Mediterranean so you have all sorts of goodies available. The Saturday I went to La Boquaria one of the old Mercats in various Barcelona neighborhoods. You can get eggs, meat, cheese, sausages, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and condiments. That Sunday was the yearly Mercat de Mercats, which is an open air market that features a selection of vendors from all the markets. This allows you to try something like a yogurt from a vendor who sells out of a different market to the one in your neighborhood.

Technology Fail

I know you are wondering where are the photos. They are in the media library but I can’t get them into a gallery for you to drool over the food porn. I added a plugin which was supposed to help me put the photos in a gallery and be able to arrange them and add them to the post as one. That didn’t happen.

Finally figured it out! Enjoy the pictures from the Market of Markets (Mercat de Mercats)

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What would you like to nibble on and where would you like to stroll?
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