The Passport Party Project

I am a lover of adventure, preferably one that takes me to a foreign land to experience a different culture. When I a wee tot, adventure happened between the pages of the books my nose was always stuck in. In those books I imagined myself in far way places and as other people. I was Anne of Green Gables and Nacy Drew. I lived with Charlotte on the farm or was a Princess in some far away castle. No place or person was too far or different for me to be. But to go to these places one needs a handy dandy document called a passport.

Stunning Iceberg

With a passport you can travel the world and explore it’s wonders; touch the ice on a glacier (on my bucket list), swim the bath warm waters of the Arabian Sea (loved it!), float in the dead sea (I finally floated without effort) and climb a dormant volcano on an Hawai’ian Island (Diamond Head is spectacular).

Arabian Sea July 2007

In a effort to enhance my travel knowledge and connect with others who are like minded, I’ve become a daily visitor to the Twitterverse. Over the last few months, I’ve met many people who are living their travel dreams and encouraging others to do the same. One of my Twitpals mentioned The Passport Party Project. Started by entrepreneur and travel blogger Tracey Friley. At first I ignored it because, well, I’m reading too many blogs and not writing enough on my own, But funny thing is, I was reading another blog that mentioned the project and it was a whisper from the universe to go check it out. Actually, the first tweet was a whisper, the mention on the other blog was a outside voice and a side eye.

View from Diamond Head June 2009

The project in a nutshell is to host 10 events where 10 girls would be helped to get their passports and a new world view. How awesome is that. I love this project. I got my first passport at age 8, and took my first plane flight at 11 when I emigrated from Guyana to the US. I got my US passport at 27, a few months after I swore in as a citizen. I even got one of those red passports when I was in the military but never got to use it. Needless to say I love having a passport and will make every effort to get stamps where ever I go so I can fill the book up. Check out this project and support in any way you can. With a passport the world is at your feet. You can step out of the pages of the books and into the metal tube that will take you to the far corners of the world.

On left Green Guyanese passport (20+ yrs old!), On right blue American Passport (7 yrs old)

Happy Travels to you ladies and the soon to be travellers of the Passport Project!

Lady LittleFoot

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