Time Line In Pictures

Completing a NaBloPoMo each day is becoming increasing difficult. Not because I don’t have things to say / write about, but saying them the way I want takes a long time for me. I sit and ponder, write, save, erase, rewrite in my head, type, revise, search for alternate words, and verify facts. It’s the perfectionist is me that strives to make it perfect and when it’s not (which is often – the spelling errors alone make me cringe) I am discouraged from continuing least the message is lost behind a wall of incorrect grammar and spelling. Yes, I am my worst critic.

So today we will do a picture show. I thought pictures would be easier than writing. NOT. First, you have to decide on a theme, then find the pictures in that theme and then upload & think of witty captions. Whew! Exhausting. Since I just celebrated my birthday in September I decided to put up pictures as close to my birthday for as many years as I have. A time line in pictures.

Have you ever looked at photos of you about the same time each year and marvel at how much you have either changed or not changed? In looking at your pictures are you reminded of an age where you felt your best or worse? What do you do what that memory?

Lady Littlefoot

4 thoughts on “Time Line In Pictures

  1. Yes I have on our AppleTV it does a slide show, hubby has all the pictures of courting, engaged, wedding, honeymoon, married and it’s so nice to see. I love pictures I have many of myself in my 30s, married to my ex husband (they weren’t all bad years) in my 20s, in college, when I first moved to Seattle, high school, my mom has a ton of us as kids. It’s so funny, I’ve changed so much and when I look at those I think not only has my look changed as if often does LOL but so have I and for the better. It’s nice to be able to see your growth as a person. Now I’m off to look at pics.

    • Pictures are great memory joggers, of the things you’ve done, the places you’ve gone and also of the growth that has taken place in your life. I’m going to try and corral all my pictures digital & copies of film in one location to make this picture posts easier to do. Sometimes they are difficult because I have to go into several archives to find the correct picture for my theme.

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