Time-wasting or wasting time.

Participating in November’s National Blog Posting Month hosted by BlogHer has been challenging. Towards the end I felt like I didn’t have anything left to say or that I wanted to share with the world. Sometimes I started a post but either what I wanted to say wasn’t coming out right or figuring how to get photos to do what I wanted them to do posed a challenge. I have I think 3 or 4 posts still in draft form for one or both of these reasons and countless others that never even got started or were consigned to the rubbish bin.

BlogHer had prompts for each day, sometimes I used them but most often I wrote about something different. On the last day in November the prompt was “what has been the hardest part about blogging daily?” Fist let’s address the good or what I have learned through this process.

In November I learned that I AM A WRITER. I have a unique point of view and a way with a turn of phrase that is all my own. I learned that I need to not be afraid to write my point of view. So what if someone doesn’t agree with me, that is what discourse is all about. If they don’t agree that is okay, as long as they are respectful in their disagreement. Disrespect gets blocked, because as the internet meme says “Ain’t body got time for that.”

Ain’t nobody got time for that. ~ Internet Meme

I learned I need to stop wasting time on social media. I love social media. My friends dragged me onto it kicking and screaming as a way to stay in contact with all my far-flung relatives, friends and associates. But now it’s turned into problem. I have the following, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. By themselves they aren’t bad, they are useful tools for keeping in touch with friends and family and you can even make new friends. Shout out to some of the ladies who I’ve met on Twitter who are now friends Eugenia, Tatiana, and Natalie. Hey y’all!

The problem is that I get on the computer with the intent to write a post for instance and an hour later I have one sentence written and have lost what I wanted to say because I decided to see what’s happening on Twitter or who’s on Facebook. The NaBloPoMo Challenge really highlighted for me how much time-wasting I do. My hope for the next month is that I can cut back on how much time is lost. I will give myself time limits for these tools. I would say I’d delete the apps on my phone but the FB App wasn’t working so I deleted it and just use the internet so that wouldn’t work. A new year is almost upon us and I need to be more disciplined about my goals and tasks.

So to answer the prompt of “What has been the hardest part about blogging daily?”, I’d have to say maintaining focus followed by being inspired to write. But even that is not completely true. It comes back to focus and discipline. When I am sitting at the computer with one completed post ready to go and another in my brain I need to keep sitting and writing then save the drafts or schedule them to go out. Then when I have either uninspired or hectic days I already have something written to post and perhaps I can even build up a back log of posts that would come in handy when I’m traveling and can’t get to a computer or internet connection. Or am just to busy having fun to be on the internet.

So now I know what I need to do. The hard part is the doing.

If you did the NaBloPoMo, what has been the hardest part about blogging daily? If not what do you find the most difficult about following a blog schedule and how you do handle that? If you are not a blogger, how do you address daily or weekly tasks so that they do not become a drag.

Lady Littlefoot.

2 thoughts on “Time-wasting or wasting time.

  1. I agree that Social networks are a huge problem when it comes to managing my workload. Social networking is important to spreading your content and engaging readers, but I also get caught forgetting to do “work” and getting lost on social networks. Many times I will forget the reason why I logged into the social network (it’s usually for a specific work related purpose). Programs like Hootsuite allow me to pre-program tweets and statuses, so that I am not on the social networks so much.
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  2. I wished that I had participated in NaBloPoMo. We had two sets of house guests at the beginning of the month, I’ll use that as my reason for not posting. I’ve found that I have to leave my home and abandon technology. I am more focused when I write in my journal–but I’m often too lazy to type what I’ve written! I’ve just started making outlines of things to write. It’s helping especially since I’m returning to blogging.

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