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As I write this I am sitting at my desk, in my room, in Barcelona. Yes, dear reader you read right. And the next logical questions are how and why. The why is easier answered than the how. As you may recall, my goal was to start graduate school this fall, studying something worthwhile. Alas, that wasn’t meant to be. At least not this year. So I cried and dried my tears and said chin up old girl, what’s next on the horizon. During the time I was researching and applying to graduate school, Barcelona kept whispering to me, like a long-lost friend. I looked for graduate schools in the city but, either the schools didn’t have the area I was looking to concentrate in or the instruction was not available in English. So, I put Barcelona aside, like a favorite spice combination that was not going to work with the day’s menu.

After, the second graduate school rejection notice (NOTE: apply to more than two schools people!) I dried my tears, and considered what my options were. I knew that I wanted to be in Europe in the fall, come hell or high-water I was going to get there. I took a second look at Teaching English and lo and behold there were certificate programs conducted in Barcelona with the opportunity to work here afterwards. I quickly filled out a two applications and set them off. In the mean time I keep researching different TEFL programs but within a week I had a phone interview and had secured a seat in the September class at .


Fast forward a month and I have completed the course with a B borderline A which apparently is really good. Most of the grades given out in the course is C which just indicates you’ve completed the requirements for the course. My class was filled with a bunch of smarty pants. We had 2 As and 4 borderline in a class of 20. Considering that grammar is a struggle for me and I had issues sticking to a 45 minute lesson I am very happy with my borderline.

I also have a someplace to live for the next year. It’s cute and compact and the roommate is super friendly and hospitable. He feed me and took me to the Chinos (discount stores in Barna – called such because many are owned by Chinese) to buy adapters. He speaks no English and my Spanish is a work in progress so I’m going to be forced to learn more and maybe he’ll pick up some English. Before I found this apartment I had decided on another, about the same overall size with a balcony, small kitchen and bathroom. Both apartments are older but charming and in good condition except the other one didn’t have an elevator. I was bummed about that but the other person was a lovely German girl and we got along fine. I accepted the apartment and then the owner asked for a bank statement. The 500€ made me swallow but it was within norms, the bank statement however, was a little strange. I asked why did they need it and I got no answer. Two days later I received an email saying that they had rented the apartment. Back to the drawing board I went. The door closed on that apartment but it opened on this one, which is walking distance to 2 metro stops and has a bus up the block. My roommate speaks only Spanish which enables be to practice my Spanish. A lot. He required no deposit and he let me move in 3 2 days early without and extra charge. I arrived in the rain on Saturday, he came down stairs helped me with my bags and fed me that evening. I’d say this second door was definitely much better than the first. Everything I SPECIFICALLY prayed about is here. For example I said I’d prefer to have a big bed, but as long as the space is good and I have a balcony I don’t need a big bed. God hears your prayer so watch the specificity of what your request. He takes you at your word!

Apt view from living room to bedrooms

I am still looking for work but I will take my time and accept a job that suites me and that I am suited to rather than whatever comes my way first. Hopefully something comes my way sooner rather than later (you know, before the funds are depleted). In the mean time I am enjoying waking up when I am ready to get out of bed, sitting at a cafe and writing my letters or reading a romance novel into the wee hours of the morning. Understand that I do look for work, mostly online, but I will do more of the drop by the school and leave my resume next week. I have prayed some vague prayers about the job, but honestly I don’t know what I want. I gravitate towards a business setting because it’s what I know but I left a business setting because it was stifling. I know I need to close that door, put some two by fours across it and hammer in some 4 inch long iron spikes. My realistic and romantic sides are having a battle royal and time to throw some Jesus in the ring so the right side comes out victorious, and the ideal door opens.

What doors do you need to seal shut so that other doors can open in your life? You don’t know? Perhaps, it time to talk to God and ask Him to make it plain to you, so you can open and move through the door that is meant for you.

Lady Littlefoot

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  1. Why is it you always say exactly what I need to hear? I have been doing some serious thinking about what my next move should be (professionally). Thank you for reminding me that I should be doing some serious praying instead.
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    • I do? Must we God trying to tell you something. :-)

      God has been reminding me on this leg of my journey that he knows me better than anyone else, and if I just put it all before him, I will get the answers I need. Not necessarily the answers I want, but the one’s I need.


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