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Tonight I was on my favorite time waster, Twitter and was Tweeting with some ladies @blk_dahlia and @JQAbroad about the new Bond movie Skyfall and the serious hotness that is Daniel Craig.

The juxtaposition of his weathered, rugged face and the clean modern lines of his suit is very sexy. It speaks to the primitive man who just has polished veneer of modernity but one push and we’re back to cave times, up against the wall.

Here are some other specimen for your consideration. Gents, I am sorry but this one is strictly for the ladies. I’m sure you understand.

Matt Boomer plays Neil Caffry on White Collar. The epitome of sartorial splendor & those big blue eyes don’t hurt either.

Sendhil Ramamurthy – recently of Covert Affairs. Those curls, that smile, the twinkle in his eyes and fills out a suit nicely too.

Boris Kodjoe aka German Chocolate. I first saw him in a TLC video, “Red Light Special” way back when. This man has not aged.

Blinding smile from the Brahma Bull, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Whatever he is wearing this man is mesmerizing, but when his muscles are contained in a suit … whew

I much prefer Jason Momoa in something where I see muscles but even in a suit he does menacing well. Hmmmm

I leave you with a guy I’ve grown up with, literally.

Leonardo Di Caprio from Growing Pains to all grown up I have watched him go from little boy to all man and he is even more delicious now than then.

I have so much more to share, that it’s best if you head over to my Yummy Goodness board on Pinterest to continue the drooling. Trust me you’ll want to, I have the above included in and out of their suits plus some others. I have something for everyone, it’s like Baskin Robbins, all 31 flavors and then some.

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    • Hi JQAbroad, welcome! Make sure you check out the Pinterest Board. Have a napkin ready for the drool that is sure to follow.


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