3 Layer High-Production Paper Napkin Tissue Machine

XY-OQ-7000K napkin paper machine series take round type jumbo roll as raw matieral, process to various kind of fixed specification napkin paper. The machine start from raw material feeding, embossment, folding and cutting. The come out product is 3 layers, 6 lines. Fast speed and high production. The napkin paper product by this machine is hygiene and clear. If you need to produce various kind specification of napkin paper (300 to 500), you need to order the machine. For example, if you order XY-OQ-7000A-300 napkin paper machine, the unfolding size of napkin paper is300mmx300mm, while if you order XY-OQ-7000A-330, then the unfolding size of napkin paper is 330mmx330mm. Also, we can make the machine according to customers'Requirements. Specification of raw material1) Diameter 1200mm2) Width 900-1500mm3) Thickness: 13-20G/M2(2 layers )23-25G/M2(1 layer)4) Inner diameter of core: 76mmII. Specification of finished product1) Unfolding size: 300-500X300-500± 2mm(LxW)2) Folding size: 150-250X150-250± 2mm(LxW)1/4 foldingIII. Equipment disposition1)Pneumatic lifter2) One paper return stand3)Flat belt (controlled by cylinder)4)Hand-wheel adjust the tension of unreel. 5)Vertical slitting unit6) Steel roller against wool roller7) 3 sets of folding plate8) Band saw slitting9)Knife-sharping unit10) Individual Electrical Cabinet11) Main motor 5.5kw Frequency-converting (380V50Hz) Cutting paper power 2.2KW12) Emergency13) Stop machine automatically when paper broken14) Stop machine automatically when fault of unreeling. 15) Automatic Accounting (1-999)16) Finished product come out with finger. 17) Production speed: 120-160M/min(about 1200-1500 sheets)18) Required power: 0.5Mra(Prepared by buyer)


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