Compact Wheel Loader Triple Mower

-                                       ----Optional Attachments:                                               Mixer Bucket                                            Pallet/Grass Forks                                            Grapple Forks/ Wooden Forks                                             Grapple Bucket                                             Snow Bucket                                            Hydraulic Snow Blade                                            Sweeper                                           Snow Blower                                          4 In 1 Bucket                                          Adjustable Pallet Forks                                          Drum Folder/ Barrel Clamp  than50 kinds ofAttachments4-in-1 BucketAngle Broom (clear-up work)AugerBackhoe (Digger)Bale HandlerBreaker (Hammer)Cold PlanerConcrete Mixer (Cement Mixer)Dozer BladeFlail MowerFork Grapple for GrassGrade BucketGraderGrapple BucketMower (Grass Cutter)Lawn MowerPallet ForkPallet fork. with Side Shift and Fork PositionerPavement Cutter (Asphalt Cutter)Rock BucketScraperSnow BladeSnow BlowerSweeperTilt TachsTree SpadeTrencher (Chain Trencher & Disk-type trencher)Utility Fork for fertilizerVibratory RollerAnd etc___________________________________________________________________________________


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