Customized Grey Iron Sand Casting Handwheel for Industrial Machine

Customized Grey Iron Sand Casting Handwheel for Industrial MachineSpecifications:1.Material & Standard:grey iron. ductile iron. cast iron. 2.Moulding processing:Green sand.Resin sand.Waterglass sand.3.Melting facilities:Cupola furnace.medium frequency induction electric furnace or electric arc furnace.4.Casting Inspection facilities:Direct-reading spectrum instrument.metallographic analysis.magnetic particle inspection.ultrasonic inspection.X-ray inspection.mechanical properties inspection.5.Heat treatment facilities:Aging oven.Electric furnace.Normalizing.Quenching and Tempering equipments.6.Surface treatment:Shot blast cleaning.polishing.Chrome plating.Zinc plating.powder coating and others.7.Machining facilities:CNC centres.NC lathes.NC milling machines.NC boring machines.drilling machines and other common machines.8.Inspection facilities:CNC 3-D inspecton facilities and others.9.Industrial categories:Tractor.Heavy-duty truck industry.Car industry.Farm machinery.Construction engineering machine industry.Electricity power industry.Elevator industry.Valve industry.General machine industry and others.10. Part Unit weight range:      For grey iron casting: up to 15000kgs;     For ductile iron casting:up to 4000kgs;     Manufacturing process:1.Sample or Drawing by customer2.Tooling proposal&Discussion3.3D Tooling Design4.Tooling production5.Rough parts manufacturer6.CNC Machining7.Fitting&Finish8.Tooling Measurement&Check9.Assembly10.Trial Production11.Correction12.Final Trial13.Samples Inspection14.Sample Approval by customer15.Tooling Approval16.Ductile iron sand castingCompany Profile:We mainly undertake the casting parts.machined parts and other products.Our Import and Export Department have many years experiences of foreign trade.products are mainly exported to the United States.Denmark.Italy.Russia.Australia etc.Customized Grey Iron Sand Casting Handwheel for Industrial Machine Casting Capacity:ItemDescriptionMaterialTechnical Process1Ductile ironcastingsASTM A 536-Gr.60-40-18.65-45-12.80-55-06.80-60-03;DIN-GGG40.GGG50.GGG60.GGG70;JIS-FCD40.FCD50.FCD60.FCD70;BS-Gr370-17.Gr420-12.Gr500-7.Gr600-3.Gr700-2;NF-FGS370-12.FGS400-12.FGS500-7.FGS600-3.FGS700-2;Green-sand mouldingResin-sand mouldingLost foam castShell-core castElectric-furnace smelting2Grey ironcastingsASTM A48-No.;ASTM A126-Class A. Class B. Class C;DIN-GG10.GG15.GG20.GG25.GG30.GG35;JIS-FC10.FC15.FC20.FC25.FC30.FC35;BS-Grade;NF-FGL150.FGL200.FGL250.FGL300.FGL350;Green-sand mouldingResin-sand mouldingLost foam castShell-core castElectric-furnace smelting3Carbon steelcastingsASTM A216-Gr. WCB. Gr. WCA. Gr. WCC;ASTM-415-205. 450-240. 485-275. 80-40;DIN- GS-C25(1.0619). GS-38(1.0416).GS-45(1.0446). GS-52(1.0552). GS-60(1.0558);JIS-SC410. SC450. SC480. SCC5;BS-A1. A2. A5;NF-GE230. GE280. GE320. GE370Soluble glass sand mouldingResin-sand mouldingLost wax casting(Investment casting)Lost foam castShell-core castElectric-furnace smelting4Stainless steelcastingsASTM-CF-8M. CF-8. CA-15. CA-40. 316. 304;DIN-G-X6CrNi18 9(1.4308). G-X7Cr13(1.4001)G-X20Cr14(1.4027). 1.4408;JIS-SCS13. SCS 1. SCS 2. SCS 14A;BS-304C15. 410C21. 420C29. 316. 304;NF-Z6CND18.12M. Z6CN18.10M. Z12C13M. Z20C13MSoluble glass sand mouldingResin-sand mouldingLost wax casting(Investment casting)Electric-furnace smelting5Alloy steelcastingsDIN-GS-40Mn5(1.1168). GS-20Mn5(1.1120);GS-37MnSi5(1.5122). GS-34CrMo4(1.7220);JIS-SCMn3. SCW480. SCSiMn2. SCCrM3. SCMnCR3;ASTM-LCCUNS-J02505. J13048NF-G20M6. G35CrMo4Soluble glass sand mouldingResin-sand mouldingLost wax casting(Investment casting)Electric-furnace smeltingQ: Why choose Shengao products A: We shengao have our own plant-- Weifang Shengao machinery Co.. Ltd. therefore. we can surely promise the quality of every product and provide you comparable price.Q: Do you provide OEM Service A: Yes. we provide OEM Service.Q: Do you provide customized handwheel A: Yes. Customers give us drawings and specifications. and we will manufact accordingly.Q: What is your payment term A: We provide kinds of payment terms such as L/C. T/T. Paypal. Escrow. etc.Customized Grey Iron Sand Casting Handwheel for Industrial Machine If there's anything we can help. please feel free to contact with us.


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