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Usage: It is one kind of positive displacement downhole motor, with working principle is to convert the high pressure fluid power of mud into mechanical energy for bit rotation. It is widely used in oil field and mine directional well and horizontal well, cluster Wells and vertical Wells, drilling, deflecting, adjusting azimuth, coring, reaming, side tracking and workover treatment, and also applied in some special operations as compound drilling and traversing, etc.Specifications: We can produce series of downhole motors in different sizes, asA Variety of Types & the Capabilities In accordance with the actual drilling needs, we push out high, midiem and low speed downhole motors, of a variety of types with different functional configuration and application for all working conditions.1. Standard type Standard motor, mud lubricating transmission shaft, straight, single and double bent.2. Long type The torque is increased by 30%to 60%than standard ones, mud lubricating transmission shaft, straight, single and double bent.3. High flow rate type The adoption of hollow rotor and different sizes of hard alloy jet nozzle to increase the incoming flow and bit power.4. High deflection type The unique structure design makes the overall length shorter and bent housing closer to the bit, deflection rate reach up to 1/m, so as to keep good working conditions.5. High temperature resistance type The motor stator is made of superior quality high temperature resistant rubber, which enables the motor to perform stably in the well bottom at max. 17.6. Oil-sealed transmission shaft type It improves the working condition of thrust bearing and radial bearing, and increases the life span of each single trip.7. Bend angle adjustable type We equip the motors with adjustable bend housing in different types and sizes, and through which before dropping we can adjust the bend angle.8. Saturated saltwater mud resistance type The special coating on the rotor with strong ability of anti-corrosion and wear-resistance enables the motor to work stably for a long time in the condition of saturated saltwater mud.9. Impact Resistance Type We adopt a series of shock absorbers to lighten or eliminate bit jumping and impact shock occurring in drilling, protect the drilling tools avoiding damage, increase service life and ensure the drilling safe and efficient. Style impact resistance downhole motor is our new technology patent products. Patent No ZL2011 2 0000193.2)Spec.Recommended Hole SizeInput Flow RatePressure LossBit Speed Working TorqueDelay Dynamic TorqueOutput PowerDrilling WeightMax Drilling WeightJoint ThreadLengthUnitmm        InL/SMpar/minN.mN.mKWKNKNInInmm5LZ57×7.083-12131/4-43/41.5-3.53.2185-4302003504.3-10.151011/2REG11/2REG28225LZ73×7.083-12131/4-43/42-43.280-16061510775.8-11.5122523/8REG23/8REG34239LZ89×7.0105-14341/8-55/83-83.2147-3925048828.64-23203027/8REG27/8REG29115LZ95×7.0114-15041/8-57/85-123.2140-320710124010.5-25214027/8REG27/8REG39205LZ120×7.0152-2006-77/88-163.280-1801850320023-476410631/2REG31/2REG50395LZ165×7.0V245-24481/8-95/818-303.2111-1674440777057.6-86.48016041/2REG41/2REG74085LZ165.5×7.0V215-24481/8-95/818-304.0120-1805135898772-1089018041/2REG41/2REG77485LZ172×7.0V215-24481/8-95/818-304.0120-1805135898772-1089018041/2REG41/2REG73915LZ172.5×7.0V215-24481/8-95/820-354.0115-18064521129986.4-151.210020041/2REG41/2REG80317LZ172.5×7.0V215-24481/8-95/820-354.075-18065271142059.5-108.68016041/2REG41/2REG86315LZ185×7.0215-24481/8-95/820-354.01845436815480-14012024041/2REG61/2REG81205LZ185.5×7.0215-24481/8-95/820-354.01735939890880-14012024041/2REG61/2REG81205LZ197×7.0244-31191/8-125/820-403.261-122141181411857.6-115.212024051/2REG65/8REG79985LZ197.5×7.0244-31195/8-121/420-404.085-160126401264072-14413026051/2REG65/8REG85987LZ203×7.0244-31195/8-121/420-403.270-155122891228957.6-126.715024051/2REG65/8REG77985LZ203.5×7.0244-31195/8-121/420-404.070-15587781536272-158.417026051/2REG65/8REG85985LZ216×7.0273-323103/4-123/422-483.261-13888951556763.36-138.2919030065/8REG65/8REG77565LZ216.5×7.0273-323103/4-123/422-484.061-138111171945579.2-172.823837865/8REG65/8REG85465LZ244×7.0311-445121/2-171/250-753.291-1361512426468144-21620036065/8REG75/8REG86357LZ244.5×7.0311-445121/2-171/250-754.091-1361890533085180-27025045065/8REG75/8REG9235
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