Hydrauc Crawler Small Core Drilling Rig for Soil Investigation (HWG-190)

hydrauc Crawler small core drilling rig for soil investigation (HWG-190)HWZG-190 Water well drilling rig Featuresa. five gears. and the highest speed can reach 1045r/min. improving drill efficiencyb. 53 x 59 drilling rod adopted. high rigidity and strong delivery torque.c. the machine is equipped with national patent technology---taper clutch. with charactristics of strong transmission troque. easy operation and free maintenance.d. for the winch. we use large module planetary gear and add supporting frame. greatly increasing hoisting and braking ability of the winch.e. Vertical spidle are fixed by four groups of bearings to ensure that the rotary machine is rigid enough for gravel layer and other complex geoloical conditions. HWG-190 Water well drilling rig Applications HWG-190 drilling rig is mainly used for geological general investigation and exploration. road and tall buliding foundation exploration. kinds of hole in concrete structure. river levees. civil wells and earth temperature central air-conditioner.etc Main parameters Drilling depth190mMaximum open hole caliber220mmEnd hole caliber75  46mmDrill rod caliber50  42mmDrilling angle90~75°Drilling rig weight (Exclude diesel engine)610kgUnity machine dimensions2.1*0.9*1.3mSpindleSpindle speed130.300.480.730.830.1045 r/minSpindle stroke 450mmHoistMax. Lifting capacity with single rope1600kgLifting speed with single rope1. m/sWirerope caliber13mmWirerope cubic measure35mmHug floodgate caliber254mmHug folldgate belt width50mmDistance between drill and hole230mmMud pumpTypeHorizontal single-urn twin-actionDisplacement (with diesel engine/electric motor)170L/minMax. pressure1.5MpaWork pressure0.7MpaPower Diesle engineS1105 18HPElectric motorY160M-415KW   Sunny KongMobile: 8615853785289Tel: 0086-537-2881968Jining Hengwang Mining Machinery Co.. Ltd


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